Increasing of the job are providing the number of opportunities for job seekers in all over the world. However, many times numbers of mistakes become the cause of being jobless. Certain mistakes must be kept in mind while looking for the job. Because after keeping these mistakes in mind job seeker can set up a good relationship with the employer.

Below are some common mistakes, which every employer should avoid.


Incomplete Resume

One and most important thing while applying for the job is that knowledge about the importance of the resume. While preparing the resume job seeker must have an idea about the falsehood, grammatical mistakes, and poor formatting of the resume. The too much lengthy resume also gives the bad impression on an employer. Remember your resume must be on one page and it does not include too much description of your life. After completing the resume employee must read the resume 2 or 3 times to check the errors in a resume. If your resume includes extraordinary information which is not related to the content it impacts very informal. Try to use the formal words in your resume and provides detail to the point.


Unready for the Job

Always be ready for the good job opportunity because being ready on time to tell about your interest in the job. If a job seeker is unready for the opportunity, he will not manage the difficult situations on time. Therefore, it is compulsory to analysis the descriptions and requirement in the easiest way related to the job. Most of the time employees are only have just interest in finding a good job with no experience. So, in the end, they are not mentally prepared to do the work with the mutual corporation in any team.


Avoid Anger

Anger is one of the bad things which can destroy your reputation front of your coworkers and your boss. If you are fired from any job and feeling unpleasant and bad, then do not show your anger front of your new employer because it shows your bad behavior and bad manner. No doubt, that an angry job seeker cannot manage the things perfectly and if you are not enjoying your work then it means you are not serious about your work. Your anger can also become the cause of your misbehavior with your co-workers, customers, and clients and poor etiquettes run your chance and position front of the employer. So try to ignore the anger and always talk with a patient at all.

According to Steve Jobs

“The Only Way to Do Great Work Is to Love What You Do”


Inappropriate Dressing

When you are going to interview one and the most important thing is your dressing. An appropriate dressing for interview matter a lot. Because your looks prefer a lot of your personality. Professionally dress matter a lot to the position in which you are going to apply. So keep this in mind your wrong dressing can distract the employer from your polished resume. Try to look decent when u go for an interview with proper dress coat of interview.


Talking to One Person

Many times talking with one people can ruin your job chance. Because if you are interviewing with multiple people then engaging with all at one time matter a lot. Many people do this mistake while giving the interview they pay attention only to the highest-ranking person. Eye contact during an interview with your interviewee tells about your interest that how much you are interested in your job and how serious you are talking things related to your job.

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on: 12 May 2018